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Our company specializes in investing into social websites. We have projects of our own that we promote; however, in the near future we will start working with related websites.

We do not forge gold and do not engage in oil production. Our company is based on an actual foundation that does bring income to our investors. We would not like to promise you piles of gold or tell stories of investing $1,000 today and receiving $100,000 in a month.

In recent years, social networks have become particularly popular among advertisers. That’s not surprising, since they provide access to target audiences and allow to implement spot advertising that is very effective. Some advertisers command services offered by social networks as such, others make use of advertising in large and thematic communities. Clearly, investing into social websites is very essential at the moment. In fact, no more than 10% of this niche is occupied, and there are good prospects for new thematic communities. Do not fear competition, it exists everywhere. Refusing to invest into social networks for this reason is not relevant since competition in the sphere is small enough.

The available tariff plans
Tariff Deposit amount ($) Profit Full term
VK $2.50 - $50.00 110% 5 days
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